Cardiac Sonographer Cover Letter


Glenn Eagles

HR Department Head

Sun Shine Cardiac Facility Center

23 Low End Road

Sin City, Las Vegas 3489

Dated: 23rd of May 2012

Subject: Cover letter for the position of a cardiac sonographer

Respected Mr. Eagles,

This letter is in regards to the job position vacant in your organization in the position of a cardiac sonographer. This is to bring to your notice that I am keen on joining your organization in the same position.

I have always been interested in joining your organization since I wanted to be a part of the medical and hospitality sector. I believe I have the required skills. I have the ability to understand the need and problems of the patients. I also have knowledge about diagnostic procedures of echocardiography. I am an expert in providing routine scans and also in reading the medical history and charts of patients. I am always up to date with in depth knowledge of CPR which is necessary for this job position.

I believe that my skills, experience and in depth knowledge will benefit your organization if you hire me. It would be great if you can arrange for an interview and inform me about the same.


Chuck Norris

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