ASL Interpreter Cover Letter


James Watt

Recruitment Manager

Help School of Sign Languages

123Universal High Street

New York, New Jersey 7678

Dated: 10th of May 2012

Subject: Applying for the position of an ASL interpreter

Respected Mr. Watt,

This letter is in response to the requirement in your organization for the position of an ASL interpreter. I am keen on joining your organization by working in that position.

I am a professional who has knowledge about the culture of various countries. I have four years of work experience as a freelance ASL interpreter and now I am looking for a full time job in the same position.  I have studied American Sign Language for a period of four years and completely fluent in it. I can carry myself in front of a large audience without getting nervous and interpret accurately.

I am eager to join a reputed organization like yours as it will help to grow as a professional and learn a lot about this position. I believe that my experience and skills will also benefit your organization. I am looking forward to an interview in order to discuss the job position in details. I am enclosing a copy of my resume.

Thanking you,

Jack Fine

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