Financial Research Cover Letter


Winston Law

Capital Market Research Associates

129, Foster Ridge Street

Roseville, CA

Zip: 675431

20th August, 2012

Sub: Application for offering financial research services

Respected Sir,

Subject to your requirement for hiring a financial research firm to assist your organization in finance and market research, that appeared in a local weekly tabloid on 18th August, we would like to offer our services for the said purpose.

Our company possesses the necessary skills and expertise to assist your organization in the field of financial market research. We have assisted several leading domestic and overseas companies in determining their financial strategies. Our clients include merchant banks, equity brokers, non-banking financial institutions, corporate entities engaged in mobilizing public money for building commercial ventures, government companies, non-government organizations and the likes.

We have received the highest certificate from appropriate bodies with regard to client satisfaction. Besides our core competence of financial research, we depute finance professionals at the client site of a company on an outsourcing basis. We first understand the financial goal of the company and then execute the research.

Please give us a call to arrange a personal interaction and know more about our services. Our credentials and related documents are enclosed herewith.

Yours truly,

Allan Wilkins


Express Financial Research Services

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