Financial Investigator Cover Letter


Charles Strauss


Fair Business Practices Bureau

214, Richmond Road


United Kingdom

29th August, 2012

Sub: Application for offering the services of a Financial Investigator

Dear Sir,

In pursuance of your advertisement appearing in the Sunday Herald of 27th August, for hiring the services of a financial investigator to inquire into the financial activities of your firm, I offer my services for the said purpose. At present I am an independent professional conducting financial inquiry on request of my clients into their organization.

After earning my bachelor’s degree in financial management from the University of Santa Barbara I worked as a financial investigator with the Santa Barbara Business Authority for five years before turning an independent professional. I execute official visits and scrutinize all financial documents of an organization for legal compliance and accuracy. I also examine important financial documents and check their accuracy. I communicate with the debtors, creditors, insurance and banking agents and collect information on an organization’s financial results, besides drafting inquiry reports about inefficiencies and inconsistencies in an organization’s financial status. I also possess superior team building and communication skills.

Please find my resume enclosed with this letter. I hope you’ll find me suitable for the job post.

Yours truly,


Stefan Hawk

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