Financial Examiner Cover Letter


Charles Forlan

Personnel Manager

ABC Financial Services Ltd.

214, Locksmith Road


United Kingdom

29th August, 2012

Sub: Application for the post of Financial Examiner

Dear Sir,

This communication is in response to the advertisement published by your company in the New York Times dated 21st August regarding the vacancy for the post of financial examiner. The said opening matches my career goals and I would like to present my credentials before you.

I have been employed as a financial examiner since the last five years and interested to join your organization and take responsibility of the same position. I am a graduate in finance and marketing from the University of Minnesota. I want to further my career as a financial examiner as well-trained personnel in this field are pertinent to the integrity and growth of a company.

I have been awarded as the most valuable mid-level management cadre in my present job.

I possess the requisite skill set and experience that you’re looking for. I would be grateful if you can give an appointment so that I can further prove my education and experience. Thank you for all the attention and the necessary consideration. Kindly peruse my resume enclosed with this application.

Yours truly,


Hamish Marshall

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