Financial Engineer Cover Letter


Francis Charles

General Manager

Stevenson Iron and Steel

1933, Pine Ridge Street


10th August, 2012

Sub: Application for the post of Financial Engineer

Dear Sir,

Pursuant to the advertisement that appeared in the Sunday Times on 8th August regarding a vacancy for the post of a Financial Engineer in your firm, I would like to present my credentials for the said post.

I am an engineering graduate from the Princeton College of Engineering and Technology and have completed by MBA from the Northern Management University, with specialization in finance. I was inducted as a management trainee in the Fresco Heavy Industries Inc. I later joined the Ramsay Group of Companies as a works manager and have been employed in that capacity ever since.

My job involves devising financial structures, coordinating with the management and operations on financial effectiveness, suggesting measures for implementing cost effectiveness, determining employee-output ratio, recommending steps to decrease overhead costs, optimum management of available resources and several other duties.

I have earned the best employee award in the mid-level manager category for my contribution in streamlining the factory operations.

Please find my resume enclosed with this letter. Given a chance, I’ll be able to delegate my responsibilities in a more challenging environment in your organization.

Yours truly,


Edgar Harness

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