Customs Broker Cover Letter


Jean Renoir

Customs Department Head

RG Group of Companies

34 Ice Land Road

Havana City, Los Angeles 2390

Dated: 10th of June 2012

Subject: Cover letter for the position of customs broker

Respected Mr. Renoir,

This letter is in regards to the advertisement posted by you in the classified section of Times News on 5th of June 2012 for the requirement of a candidate in the position of a customs broker. I am keen on joining your organization in the same position.

I can assure toy that I have complete knowledge about the duties and responsibilities of a customs broker. I am also familiar with all the rules and regulations set by the Government regarding discharge of foreign goods. I am currently working with XYZ Group of Companies in the position of a customs broker. I know how to maintain records and keep a track of all the official documents. I don’t believe in working in a fixed work timing and very flexible in that nature. I am also aware about various corporate and legal laws.

I would be highly grateful if you can arrange a meeting and we can discuss this in details. Please find my resume enclosed.

Thanking you,

Harry Brown

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