Sample Fax Cover Letter


Company Name: Woodland Sales & Service Pvt. Ltd.

Phone No: 732- 602- 780

Fax: 548 702 790

Address: Sea link Wing,

Office No: 67/H

New Hall City


To: Mr. Ray Hudson   From: Eva Roderick

Fax: 540 620 345 Fax: 620 795 459

Date: September 22nd, 2010  No. Of Pages: 4

Dear Mr. Hudson,

This Fax letter is from the behalf of Woodland Sales & Service Pvt. Ltd, consisting of your requested information regarding dealership of our company. Kindly note, you can find the four enclosed pages with this fax cover letter.

You can find the Memorandum of Understanding, Terms & Conditions and eligibility criteria required by Woodland Sales & Service Pvt. Ltd for distributing Sales & Service dealership for our upcoming products.  We hope that all information is sufficient to serve the purpose.

In case of more information, feel free to contact us at the given phone & fax number.


Eva Roderick