Resume Fax Cover Letter

Mr. John Craig

Manager- Human Resources

Humber Technical Limited

23/ l-F

New Park Road


Dear Mr. Craig,

This resume Fax letter is regarding our mailer conversation of a vacancy of Manager- Sales & Marketing. I am enclosing herewith 4 pages of following mentioned proofs with this resume fax cover letter.

  • A copy of my vital candidature of two pages is attached.
  • A recommendation letter from my previous organization Woodland Sales Company Pvt. Ltd
  • An Appreciation letter of excellent work and a letter of promotion awarded by my previous management.
  • Clarence certificate from accounts department of previous company in enclosed.

If anything else is required, please feel free to contact me.

I will be waiting for your response regarding an interview schedule.

Yours Sincerely,

Hannah Foster

To: Mr. John Craig From: Hannah Foster

Phone Number: 345 782 690

Address: 45/ L, Pink Apartments, Canada

Pages: 2

Fax Number: 456 702 540