Receptionist Fax Cover Letter


Martin Jones

General Manager

National Steel Corporation

45, Austin Towers, Northern London


30th August 2012

Sub – Receptionist fax cover letter

Dear Mr. Martin

I am writing you this fax cover letter to inform you about the total production of our plant on 29th August 2012.As per the norms of our company the production department has to report the total production of the previous day to your office. Please find enclosed   the details regarding the production done by the different departments   on 29th August 2012.You would be glad to know that our plant has utilized it capacity to 105 per cent last day. The total hot metal production was 11240 tons while the total saleable steel production was 15000 tons on 29th August 2012.Every minute details regarding the production targets met by different departments of our company is included in the enclosed report.

Please feel free to contact me in case you require any further information on any matter from my side. I will look forward for confirmation letter from your side in order to get assured that you have received the fax successfully. Thank you for reading the fax cover letter.

Thanking you

Celina Gomes

Receptionist (Production Department)

National Steel Corporation

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