Professional Fax Cover Letter


Mike Tyson

Managing Director

Oscar Garments Limited

23 Jane Daffodil Street

Sin city, Las Vegas 2345

Dated: 3rd of June 2012

Subject: Cover letter for professional fax

Respected Mr. Tyson,

This letter is in regards to the business proposal that we had sent you on 12th of May 2012 in order to supply raw materials to your organization. In reply you had asked us to send a fax mentioning the various types of products that we supply and also the quotation.

We manufacture raw cotton materials required to manufacture garments. As your organization is a garment manufacturing company you must be requiring raw materials for it. I can assure you that our products are of one of the best qualities in the market and you would never have any complain about the products if you purchase it from us. Even the prices are very economical compared to the competitors. We can also provide a ten percent discount if you place an order above 1 ton.

I would request you to have a look at the quotations mentioned in the fax and also the various products that we manufacture. I am looking forward to your response.

Nash Brown

Sales Manger

Raw Materials Limited

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