How to Write a Fax Cover letter

A fax Cover letter plays an important role in the corporate world and used for business information exchange. It is a vital mode of two way communication, and an effective tool to save precious time.

Follow the given steps to generate professional Fax Cover Letter:

  • Take a white clear paper and mention company or an individual name, address, telephone number and fax number. Company letter head can be used for this purpose.
  • List a couple of dotted lines in centre right below the address.
  • Write the name of the receiver company separated by colons.
  • Start with “To” and full the name of the receiver individual.
  • Write “From” and mention the full name and address of the sender’s company.
  • Mention” Recipient’s fax number” clearly where you are sending the fax.   Do not forget to write about a number of pages included with the fax cover letter.
  • Close the letter with a special note, if there is any separated by columns.