Generic Fax Cover Letter

Kind Attn:  Mr. John Smith

From: Nina Johnson

Eagle Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Pages 1 of: 5 (inclusive of this cover letter)

Contact me at:

Phone: 6590 685 6850

Fax: 6759 382 6840

Status: Very Urgent

Dear Mr. Smith,

This fax cover letter is regarding the last meeting held dated September 4th, 2010 with Mr. David Brown in Woodland Industries Pvt. Ltd.  After many days of discussion and execution of ideas, Mr. Brown has decided to proceed with your organization. Herewith, we are sending you the details of our upcoming project along with minutes of meeting.

You can review that a few columns are pending to fill your response about our decision. Kindly provide us the legal documentation and response to this fax cover letter at your earliest.

If you have any further query/ questions, please feel free to our provided number.

Looking forward for a fruitful business relationship!

Yours sincerely,

Nina Johnson