Free Fax Cover Letter

Date: September 22nd, 2010


Ms. Sonia D’suza

McGraw Companies Pvt. Ltd

Fax: 450 439 078


Joy Phillips

General Manager- IT Sector

Subject:  IT Director Position

For the above mentioned position, I am sending you a fax cover letter consisting of my candidature details detailing my ten years of experience in IT sector.  I have expertise in networking, PC support, telecommunication and Data processing. I have attained the designation of General Manager- IT in my previous organization is a short span. I have  acquired many rewards in my last organisation and for the same I am sending the Letter of Appreciation for Team Management, Letter of Excellence for Best Outcome and Letter of Promotion from Manager- IT to my current designation which i have received with this fax.

Matching the facet of your posted job descriptions, if you want to initiate immediately, feel free to call me at 459 640 590 or fax me at 429 684 304.


Joy Philips