Formal Fax Cover Letter


David Warner

Purchase Manager

GKL Software Solutions

45, Benson Street, Western London


25th August 2012

Sub – Formal fax cover letter

Dear Mr. David

I am writing this letter as per the enquiry done by your company regarding our computer hardware solutions to our corporate customers. I am feeling excited to inform you that our company offers very attractive discounts to consumers who purchase in bulk. We have got wide range of products to satisfy the growing needs of our corporate customers. Our price range for the desktop starts from $1500 while the starting price range for sturdy business laptop starts at $ 2000.All our business series computer peripherals comes with a free three years onsite service warranty. We also offer a discount of ten per cent on the total billed amount for orders of more than one hundred units. Please find the details of all the models and their prices which I am sending through fax.

You can contact our company’s executive in case you require any clarification about our products. I will eagerly wait for appositive reply from your side .I look forward for a long term professional relationship with our company. Thanking you

Mark Zurich

Sales Manager

MELL Computer Hardware Private Limited

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