Fax Cover Letters

Fax cover letters are those cover letters which are sent to the organization or individual in charge of hiring through Fax. Any cover letter is the most important tool for the recruiter to judge whether or not you are the right candidate for the position or not. Sometimes such cover letters are also sent through fax in case when it is not possible to deliver them by hand.

The following points should be taken into consideration while writing a fax cover letter:

  • The opening paragraph should be strong enough to let the recruiter read further with his full attention. Let this Para speak of your interest and goals and why you have chosen this field to pursue your career.
  • The second Para or the main body comprises of the points which justify your selection of this position or job. You need to mention your qualifications and skills and also details of the past experiences in this field of work.
  • The finishing Para should be very convincing. You need to give points which make you better than any other for the job and how hard you are willing to work towards your goal.
  • Also mention your contact details in the beginning of the letter along with the fax number.