Fax Cover Letter

Mr. George Hamilton

Blue mount Pvt. Ltd

Congress Hall,

32/ B- 5,

New City


Dear Mr. Hamilton,

I am sending you this fax letter from the behalf of Rainbow Companies Pvt. Ltd. regarding your query of buying cutting machines. You can find the enclosed 3 sheets of prices and terms & conditions with this fax cover letter.

Rainbow Companies Pvt. Ltd. is happy to serve your query. We are offering special discount up to 5% on the gross MRP for this season on the purchase of 50 cutting machines. Furthermore, we can provide you free shipping on this purchase.

If you have any query regarding the offer, please feel free to contact us. We are waiting for your response.

Thank you so much for showing your interest in our company.


Emma Williams

To: Mr. George Hamilton

From: Emma Williams

For Information Call: 679-342-456

At: Rainbow Companies Pvt. Ltd

Pages: 3

My Fax Number: 504 679 320