Fax Cover Letter Format

Name of the Fax Recipient

Address of Fax Recipient Company

Dear Mr. / Ms. / Mrs (name of recipient individual),

The first section of Fax Cover letter must include the concern of sending a cover letter. The name of sender’s organization and receiver organization must be mentioned with specific information. Do mention the number of pages enclosed with the Fax Cover letter.

In second paragraph, talk about the required or requested information pages consisting of all the details. Data should be detailed page wise and one should avoid any kind of miscommunication. Ask if the receiver requires any further clarification regarding the topic.

Ask the sender to contact on given numbers, if any help needed. Provide sender’s contact number.

Close this letter with regards,

Name of the sender

Name of the recipient

Name of the Sender,

Phone number of sender

Organization Name of Sender

Total count of pages enclosed with Fax cover letter

Fax number of sender