Fax Cover Letter Form

Company Name: Greenway Sales & Marketing Ltd.

Phone: 590 803 806

Fax#: 320 605 680

Address: 23- H, New Court Road,

Ottawa Canada

To: Mr. Harry Barker

From: Lisa Hudson

Fax: 320 605 680

Fax: 890 944 680

Date: September 13th, 2010

Of Pages: 5

Dear Mr. Barker,

This cover letter is from Mr.  Richard Williams, Director-Finance, Wilma Finance Corporation Ltd. This letter is the last warning letter to Greenway Sales & Marketing Ltd. Your debt limited has reached to 67% which is the last limit according to our finance rules. To this regard, we have already sent you two letters as warning.

Mr. Williams is expecting your response this time regarding debt clearance; otherwise your company should put some legal live property to extend the last limit of debit clearance. In this matter, your company will be fully responsible for any kind of social and finance loss.

Your immediate action to this regard is highly appreciable.

You’re sincerely,

Lisa Hudson