Fax Application Cover Letter


Harry Peterson


GHC Software Corporation

45,Noel Street, Central London


25th August 2012

Sub – Fax application cover letter.

Dear Mr. Harry

I am writing you this letter to apply for three days leave from office on medical grounds from 25th August 2012 to 28th August 2012. I am also sending my medical certificate through fax. I have been suffering from high fever and severe headache from last night. The doctor has termed the illness as viral fever and advised three days complete bed rest. I am unable even get up from the bed because of the intense weakness caused due to the high intensity of fever. I am feeling very sorry to inform you that I would not be able to attend the meeting with one of our client scheduled today. Please send the peon of our office to my home so that I can give him the relevant files required for the meeting.

Hope that you will understand the degree of my illness and grant me three days medical leave. I will eagerly wait for the confirmation letter in this regard from your side. Thank you for considering my leave application letter.

Thanking you

John Bema

System Engineer

GHC Software Corporation

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