Create Your Own Fax Cover Letter


Jane Ire

Business Development Head

Yes Consultancy Limited

23 Indiana Jones Street

Brooklyn City, New Jersey 4590

Dated: 12th of June 2012

Subject: Fax cover letter

Respected Miss. Ire,

This fax cover letter is in regards to the mail sent from your end for the consultancy service that I wish to seek from your organization.  You had asked me to send a fax mentioning my personal details and the reason for seeking consultation services from your organization.  This is the reason for me sending this fax.

I am aware that your organization specializes in investment consultation services so that an individual can invest his savings wisely. I have certain amount savings and want to invest a part of it so that I can get returns on a monthly basis. The market is very unpredictable; as a result it is very confusing to understand that what would be the appropriate way of investing. I believe that your organization will be able to help me in this regards. Your organization has already earned lots of reputation for providing investment consultancy services.

I am enclosing my personal details along with information like the amount of investment and the amount I am expecting as return.


Ben Stiller

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