Fashion Sales Cover Letter


Nick Carter

Purchase Department Head

Watson Retail Limited

34 North Side Street

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 5678

Dated: 15th of May 2012

Subject: Fashion sales cover letter

Respected Mr. Carter,

This is to bring to your notice that we at Gas Garments Limited are into manufacturing and selling fashion garments to retail outlets. We are interested in entering into a business relationship with your retails outlet by supplying the garments manufactured by our fashion house.

We are a public limited fashion house designing and manufacturing garments since last fifty years. Ours is a brand that is recognized in various countries of the world. We manufacture garments that are as per the existing fashion trends. Our designers are very talented and always stay updated with the most selling garments in the market. Our products are also very economically priced keeping in mind consumers from all rungs of society. As your retail outlets are one of the best in the country it will give us a good platform to display and sell our products.

I can assure you that entering a fashion sales agreement will benefit both of our organizations. We are looking forward to your response.


John Woo

Sales Manager

Gas Garments Limited

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