Fashion Industry Cover Letter


Roger Moore

Recruitment manager

Gas Garments Limited

32 Universal High Street

New York, New Jersey 5690

Dated: 12th of May 2012

Subject: Application for the post of in house fashion designer

Respected Mr. Moore,

This is in regards to the requirement in your organization for a candidate in the position of an in house fashion designer. This is to bring to your notice that I have always been interested in being a part of the fashion industry and would like to apply for the job position.

I have pursued a degree in fashion designing from New York Fashion School. I have always been appreciated for my project works which have won numerous awards. I have been designing as a freelancer for TV programs as well as fashion shows. Now I want to work as part of a reputed fashion house like yours so that I can grow as a professional and earn success as a fashion designer. I believe that by working as an in house fashion designer I will get to learn a lot and get wide range of experience.

It would be great if we could meet and discuss in details about the job position. I am enclosing my resume for more information.


Luke Wilson

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