Petroleum Engineer Cover Letter


Nick Carter

HR manager

Oscar Petroleum Limited

213 York Shire Road

London, United Kingdom 6789

Dated: 7th of June 2012

Subject: Cover letter for the position of a petroleum engineer

Respected Mr. Carter,

This is to bring to your notice that I recently went to the website of your organization and noticed under the career section that you are looking for an individual in the position of a petroleum engineer. I would like to express my interest in that job position as I believe that I have the needed skills and qualifications to be a petroleum engineer.

I have worked for the past four years as a petroleum engineer for Northern London Petroleum Limited. I was involved in activities related to production of crude oil and natural gas for the organization. I can assure you that I possess excellent knowledge in geophysics, petroleum geology, drilling process and reservoir simulation. I have always been acknowledged for my technical abilities, extraction process and knowledge regarding use of technical equipments.

I am looking for a better opportunity and I believe that my work experience matches all your requirements for a candidate in this position. It would be great if you can arrange for an interview. Please find my resume enclosed.


John Denver

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