Engineering Cover Letter Format


Name of the recipient:

Designation of the recipient:

Name of the company:

Company’s Address:


Subject: (briefly state your purpose for writing the application)

Dear (name of the recipient),

First Paragraph: In this paragraph mention the exact reason for writing the letter and mention the type of engineering post that want to apply to.  In case you have got information about the job from an advertisement posted by the organization, mention the source and date of the advertisement.

Second paragraph: In this paragraph the sender needs to give information about himself. He needs to mention his work skills and also his previous work experience along with his educational qualifications. It should sound convincing so that the organization is sure that he has strong technical knowledge and engineering skills.

Third paragraph: This paragraph should contain words of gratitude and how grateful you will be if your application is accepted. The details about the enclosed documents should be mentioned here.




Enclosure: (documents enclosed)