Building Engineering Cover Letter


Jack Nicholson

Hiring Manager

Allied Construction Group Limited

89 Unique Way Road

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 7645

Dated: 31st of May 2012

Subject: Application for the position of a building engineer

Respected Mr. Nicholson,

This is to bring to your notice that I am keen on applying for the position of a building engineer as advertised by your organization recently in the classified section of The Statesman. I believe that I have the work experience and knowledge about the job responsibilities required for the position.

I have worked in number of construction companies and aware about all the technical aspects of construction of a building. I have pursued a degree in Civil Engineering from Los Angeles University. I am currently working as a building engineer for Skyscraper Construction Group Limited since last three years.

I am responsible for planning and maintenance of various buildings, assisting in validation work and managing building service technicians. I am looking forward to joining an organization that will give me a more challenging work environment and more responsibilities which I believe is available in your organization.

I am enclosing my resume along with previous work certificates with this cover letter. I am available for interview as per your convenience.


Jane Fonda

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