ASIC Design Engineer Cover Letter


Joe Hardy

Human Resource Manager

Water House Limited

Sun Shine Office Colony

34 Aspen High Street

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 5432

Dated: 3rd of May 2012

Subject: Cover letter for the position of an ASIC design engineer

Respected Mr. Hardy,

I am interested in working as an ASIC design engineer in your organization. It has always been a long cherished desire to work in your organization that will provide excellent growth to my career.

I have completed my bachelor’s degree in design engineering from Los Angeles University. During the final semester of my bachelor’s degree I did an internship in the research and designing department of Larsen and Turbo Limited. That was my professional learning experience. After my graduation I have a total work experience of three years in the position of an ASIC design engineer. My current job is with Heavy Duty Limited in the same position. I can assure you I have excellent technical skills and have vast knowledge about engineering concepts. I have received lots of accolades for my work.

I believe that my qualification and work experience makes me an ideal candidate for the job. Please find my resume and educational certificates enclosed.

Thanking you,

Nash West

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