Aerospace Engineering Cover Letter

Mr. Duren Moods

HR Manager,

Bates & Mates Aircrafts

56 Good Will Street,

North Dakota, South Carolina 4512.

Dear Mr. Moods,

I would like to express my interest in being a part of your organization in the position of an aerospace engineer. I believe that my work experience, technical skills and educational qualifications make me a suitable candidate for the position in your organization.

I hold a graduation degree in aeronautical engineering from the reputed North Dakota Institute of Technology. During my engineering course I have received extensive training in designing and developing aircrafts. I am aware about the different parts required to be assembled to build an aircraft. I am also currently working as an aerospace engineer in Flies and Skies Limited. My job responsibility includes developing designs for aeronautical products. I believe I have strong technical skills.

I would be highly grateful if I get an opportunity to work in your organization. I am enclosing my resume with this letter.


Nathan lee.