School Superintendent Cover Letter


Nathan Lane

Administration department head

Future Bright School

21 Universal High Road

South City, Las Vegas 3490

Dated: 4th of June 2012

Subject: Cover letter for the position of a school superintendent

Respected Mr. Lane,

This is to bring to your notice that I am interested in applying for the vacancy in your organization in the position of a school superintendent. It has always been an ambition of mine to make a bright career as a school superintendent and I believe that by working in a reputed school like yours will help me achieve it.

I have one and half years of work experience as a school superintendent in Blooms Day School. My job functions were ensuring smooth running of the school and also administering the school so that everything functions smoothly. I have a bachelor’s degree in teaching and also a master’s degree in administration. I also hold a license granted by the State of Las Vegas. I have the required skills in order to identify the needs of the school and also understanding what kind of change can be applied.

It would be great if we could meet and discuss about the job position. Please find my resume enclosed.


Norman Creed

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