Physical Education Cover Letter

Mr. Ernie McMillan,

Y. M. C. A.,

88, Park Avenue, Down Town Street.

Texas- 49999.

Dear Mr. McMillan,

The post in “The Daily Tribune” from Y. M. C. A. for a post of Physical Education Instructor sparked my attention and prompted me to apply for this prestigious post. I found that I possess the qualifications your organization is looking for and thus I am a commendable candidate.

I have eight years of experience in instructing students in physical education. I have worked with other prestigious organizations like Wisconsin University and Boston School of Physical Education. I got my college degree in Physical education from Worthington University.

Please find my attached resume with this cover letter for a full account of my academic background and training specifications. Please consider my resume and hope to get a positive reply from your side. I am thankful for your valuable time and consideration.

Sincerely Yours,

Thomas Eden.

Enclosed: Resume