Higher Education Cover Letter

Mr. Dan Craig,


Ernstern Gibbs College,

34, Pierce Street,

New Jersey- 49030348.

Dear Mr. Craig,

This cover letter is in response to the post that appeared on jobsbank.eu dated 4th January, 2011 for the position of a computer teacher. I believe that I possess the qualifications you are looking for.

I am competent in programming in C++, Java and Visual Basic. I also have experience in teaching students for two years in Winchester College. During my tenure with them I had also conducted various projects in Embedded Systems.

I am looking forward to utilize my skills, experience and knowledge in your reputed institution. I hope you find my credentials and qualifications relevant to the requirements of your organization. A full account of my educational and professional qualifications is given in the enclosed resume. Please grant me an interview so that we can discuss this prospect further.

Sincerely Yours,

Neville Parkinson.

Enclosed: Resume