ESL Instructor Cover Letter


Mr. Petter Pettigrew

POR School


19th Aug 2012

Sub: Applying for the post of ESL Instructor

Dear Sir,

I, Shawn Michael, would like to apply for the post of an ESL Instructor. I came across the advertisement regarding the same in the Weekly Job Review on 17th August, 2012. I have a keen interest in teaching ESL to various age groups.

I completed TESL course and the Praxis teaching tests in the year 2006. Subsequently, I worked with a XYZ school for two years. For past five years I have been instructing students with English as a second language. I have taught students who had no previous knowledge of English and had no verbal or comprehension skills in the language. The methods that I follow help such children in translating assignments in the native language in order to complete the work and the assigned tasks. Many of my students are now well established in corporate sectors and various industries as well.

Please find the enclosed copy of my resume with this letter. I have also enclosed a letter of appreciation, which is from the Head of the Department of XYZ school, where I last worked.

I am eagerly waiting to meet you in person in order to discuss the ways in which your school can benefit from my skill and experience. Please feel free to contact me on 7970-9879 or email at

Thank you for your time and kind consideration.


Shawn Michael

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