Elementary Education Resume Cover Letter

Dr. Phillip Brown,


Wickenburg Unified School,

32, Lords Street,

New York- 99999.

Dear Dr. Brown,

Evidently, every person in the education profession dreams of being attached to your esteemed institution Wickenburg Unified School. So when I came to know about a vacancy for the post of an elementary school teacher, I wasted no time and immediately applied for the post.

I am experienced in teaching Grades I – V. I also specialise in arts that would help to improve any classroom, but essentially the early and elementary grades. It is my personal aim to combine my experience, perseverance and patience to be an enthusiastic and compassionate teacher.

Please grant me an interview to fully reveal my qualification and experience. I have also enclosed my resume which contains a detailed account of academic background and professional experience. Thank you for your attention and valuable time.

Sincerely yours,

Gloria Kane.

Enclosed: Resume