Education Cover Letter Template


Recipient’s Name: ___________________

Recipient’s Position:  _________________

School’s Name: _____________________

Date: –/–/—-

Dear (The recipient’s name with title i.e. Mrs., Miss, Mr., etc.)

I wish to apply for a teaching position, on the (level of application), in your (name of school). As a (year of graduation) graduate of (college name), I have pupil teaching skill on the (level) grade, in both housing and urban school areas.

At present I am teaching at (name of preschool). This position allows me to give these pupils with a good start in mastering vital skills. I am dared to be creative, fostering and mainly, patient.

I had interned as a (middle school name worked at) in my final year of college. This let me teach fourth grade and gain useful training.

I would love to be interviewed by you and expect to hear from you as soon as possible.


Name of Sender

Address of sender