Education cover letter format


Name of recipient:

Title of recipient:

Name of school:

Address of school:


Dear (Recipient’s name),

First section: The first paragraph is mainly important division of the education cover letter where you need to frankly get to the main fact and talk where you get the advertisement for the job application. Remember to mention the position of teacher you are concerned about working as.

Second Paragraph: In this section you need to mention your educational background as a teacher, your last work knowledge and any momentous professional triumph. You have to be unassuming and at the very same time show yourself as a perfect applicant for the post.

Third section: The last section has the summary parts where you need to end your letter. Try to show positivity, thankfulness and self-assurance before ending the letter.


Name of sender

Address of sender

Encl: (listing of all the credentials that you are providing with the cover letter)