Education Coordinator Cover Letter

Ms. Ann Robins,

Fenny Williams High School,

174 Charter Alleys,

Minnesota 447893.

Dear Ms Robins,

I’m applying for the post of Education coordinator at your school in response to the advertisement in Minnesota Harking last Friday. I possess a work experience of seven years and wish to engage myself in educating students through the various education programs that I can create for their academic development.

I have the capability to bring out the very best in students and I’m also trained in communicating with parents and guardians, teachers for the implementation of the various education programs. I am also adept at making sure that the teachers know what is expected of them and deliver that to the best of their abilities. I’m attaching my resume and I hope you would consider me for the post of the education coordinator and thus give me a chance to hone my skills through this new enriching experience.


Joan Carey,

Andrew Gyllen High School.