Early Childhood Education Cover Letter

Ms. Pansy Robson,

Unitrin Inc.,

489 Rhode Island Avenue,

Green Bay,

WI- 85055.

Dear Ms. Robson,

I came to know about your requirement for an early childhood teacher through jobswi.ca. I believe I would be a worthy candidate who is able to make important contribution to your venerated organization.

I was specifically trained at M. D. K. Institution to cater to the special needs of a growing child. That is why I am competent to create a classroom which is culturally diverse and maintain an educational environment suitable for young students. I aim to engage the students in interactive educational activities that promote their mental and physical development.

Please grant me an interview so that we can pursue this possibility further. I have enclosed my resume containing a detailed account of my qualifications and training. I am eagerly waiting for your call at 5555- 7689.

Sincerely yours,

Rob Burton.