Childhood Education Cover Letter


Mr. Mark Stewart

POR Kindergarten

New York

19th Aug 2012

Sub: Applying for the post of Childhood Education Provider

Dear Sir,

I read your advertisement with reference to the opening for a childhood educator in POR Kindergarten. I am of the belief that I have the requisite qualifications and the experience for the post of childhood education provider.

My experience of ten years in this profession includes working with Seaport School in Iowa as a childhood educator. My husband was transferred to New York last month so I am searching for employment in this city. I adore children, especially love working and playing with them. My previous job required me to plan and create the lesson curriculum, evaluate progress of the children and inculcate values of disciple in the kids.

As an experienced educator I feel that a child can only be imparted learning through interesting and innovative methods. This helps the child in retaining the lessons learned and benefits in the development of its personality. I have completed a course of training in Student teaching Aids, as indicated in my resume which is enclosed with this letter.

I am eagerly waiting to discuss with you in person about the innovative methods and my experience in this field. Thanking you for your consideration and hoping to hear from you soon.


Emily White

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