Adjunct Professor Cover Letter


Lenny Bin

Recruitment Manager

Colorado School of Business

12 Your Francis Street

South Hall, Colorado 4590

Dated: 12th of June 2012

Subject: Cover letter for the position of adjunct professor

Respected Mr. Bin,

This letter is in regards to the web advertisement posted on your college website regarding the vacancy in the position of an adjunct professor in the subject of business management. This is to bring to your notice I am interested in applying for that position. It has always been a dream to start my career as an adjunct professor.

I have completed my Masters in Business Management from a reputed business school that is New York School of Business. Later I went on to pursue my doctorate in Management studies. It was during the course of my doctorate that I sometimes used to conduct classes for business school students as intern professor. I have always been appreciated for my teaching skills by the faculty members of that business school. If given an opportunity, I can prove to be an efficient and methodical adjunct professor.

I would request you to give me an opportunity and arrange for a meeting to discuss. Please find my educational certificates and resume attached.


Will Smith

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