Game designer Cover Letter

Mr. George Bush,

Recruitment Manager,

Techno Graphic Solutions Limited.

41 Render high Road,

Washington DC, North Carolina 8521

Dear Mr. Bush,

With reference to the job vacancy posted by your organization in Rooster Jobs News on 4th of February, it gives me immense pleasure to apply for the position of game designer as I believe that I have the required work experience and skills mentioned in the advertisement.

I have a degree in gaming from the prestigious designing school Applied Arts of Designing. I also have experience of working as a game designer for Zeta Games where my job responsibility was to conceptualize and design games. The scripts of the games were also written by me. I have developed popular games like Playgirl’s Castle, Hunt the Haunted and Price of Jhumritalaya.  I am very fast at my job and believe in quality.

Please find my resume enclosed with this letter.

Thanking you,

John Goods.