Customer Service Position Cover Letter

Kevin Young

15 Franklin Street, Boston, MA 02117


Date – 04.05.2010

Kenneth Adams


Right Administration Office

29 Franklin Street


MA 02117

Dear Mr. Adams,

I am highly experienced Customer Service Manager with substantial skills in dealing with large scale customer service operations and implementations of the strategies. Over 5 years I have been providing Customer Service Management SBC and DirectTV Broadband.

My expertise covers a broad range of administrative and technical skills in various key areas. Those areas are automated phone systems and fulfillment tracking. I have got an exceptional capacity to enter new environments and begin to produce clear cut results right from the beginning with well developed technical and communicational proficiency that are easily transported between different companies and changing work environments.

I would appreciate if you call me for an interview to evaluate my efficiency and experience that will help you to assist in reaching your desired goal.


Kevin Young