Customer Service Cover Letter Template

Edward Green

14 Quail Circle,Star Bridge, CT 30988,


Kenneth Robinson


Franklin Network Solutions

26 Franklin Street


MA 02117

Dear Mr. Robinson,

In current industry scenario, timely, friendly, proactive customer service has become very important aspect in order to expand business. Customer satisfaction is always impacted if you make use of the right service retail professional to represent your company while assisting your valuable customers.

As I am an experienced professional in the service industry where I have learned how to meet and go above each customer’s expectations with service that sells! I have assisted all sorts of customers in diversified settings. I strongly believe that acquiring and sustaining loyal repeat customers as well as spreading the word of your products through regular customers is of the chief importance in every company. I am an outstanding trainer who has achieved ongoing success with his teams by building confidence and training them to build the sale by improving their communicational skills.

It would be a delight to interview with you and I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

Very Sincerely,

Edward Green