How to write an application cover letter

An application cover letter is a letter which is written by those candidates who are applying for a scholarship program, training program or a job in a company or any organisation. Such letters are useful as they state the application of the candidate along with the resume which is attached to this cover letter. These are formal documents which need to be framed in a formal tone as well as by following a format.

There are certain things which must be kept in mind while drafting an application cover letter. Any cover letter is an important document which can decide and influence the career course of a person. Thus one must have proper knowledge of framing an application cover letter. For those who find it difficult to go about a letter like this, the following points shall be of great help:

  • The first thing to be kept in mind is that an application cover letter is used for applying for a post or position thus the exact name of the position must be known.
  • At the extreme left corner, the name of the receiver as well as his position in the company and address of company must be written down in separate lines.
  • After this, a formal salutation like ‘Sir’ or ‘Respected Sir/Ma’am’ must be written down followed by the subject of the application cover letter.
  • The subject can consist of a statement like ‘Applying for this job position of the head assistant to the director’ etc…
  • Then the main body of the letter starts. In this part, the various credentials which make the applicant suitable for the job must be mentioned along with the purpose of writing the letter.
  • After the body, at the end, the sender’s signature must be done after signing off respectably.