How to write an advertising cover letter

An advertising cover letter is a cover letter which is used and drafted by those candidates who are applying for the job position in an advertising unit or company. Such cover letters are attached with the resume of the candidate and help to give a description of the qualities of the applicant which make him suitable for the given job position. Any such cover letter is different from a resume in the sense that it directly addresses the recruiter or the receiver of the resume. It is a more personalised version of a resume and can help the candidate to either make it in the advertising world or not.

While framing an advertising cover letter, there are certain things which must be kept in mind. Without knowing the correct format of writing a cover letter, a person can easily ruin his chances for getting the desired job. Thus it is important to know the important points of writing a cover letter. The following points will be of help:

  • The first section of an advertising cover letter is used for giving the address details, name, post of the person who is the receiver or recruiter of the company to which the candidate is applying for.
  • After these details, a formal salutation is required. Any cover letter is a formal document hence throughout the letter, a formal tone is important to be adopted.
  • The main body of the letter begins after the salutation part. This body must be used to give a brief introduction of the applicant along with stating the fact that a resume is being attached along with the letter for the convenience of the recruiter.
  • The points of skills and experience in the advertising world must take up the length of the main body.
  • Signing off with a ‘yours sincerely’ and the signature of the candidate will mark a good end to the letter.