How to write an accounting cover letter

An accounting cover letter is a document which is attached to the resume of a person who is applying for the job of an accountant or any other accounts related job in a company or an organisation. An accounting cover letter must not be the exact copy of a cover letter and must be brief but to the point in its nature. The accounting applicant must make sure that the cover letter is original and not copied from any source or person. For this it is important to know how to write an accounting cover letter.

Writing any cover letter may be a little difficult if one is not aware of the format of writing. The following points will help to frame or draft a perfect accounting cover letter for interested candidates or applicant.

  • At the top extreme left, the name and job position of the person to whom the letter is addressed must be written down. After which the name and the address of the company or organisation to which the application is being sent should be written down.
  • The next step is to write the salutation which must consist of words like ‘Respected’ and ‘Sir/Ma’am’ followed by the name of the receiver.
  • After the salutation the body of the letter begins. The body must consist of a brief description of the applicant’s skills and academic details in accounting which makes him suitable for the job. The exact accounting job position to which the candidate has applied must be mentioned in the body of the letter.
  • The main body can also consist of the details of the previous work experiences with the names of the companies where the candidate has worked.
  • The last section of the letter is where the candidate thanks the receiver and signs the letter as a seal.