How to write a Questionnaire Cover Letter

A questionnaire cover letter is written in the beginning of a survey in order to explain to the respondent of the questionnaire what the survey is all about. If the respondent is given only the questions, he may not understand what it is all about and what’s the purpose of asking the questions. By adding a cover letter before the questionnaire begins, the researcher displays common courtesy to the people who have volunteered to answer those questions and also guides them by mentioning certain instructions which the respondents need to keep in mind before answering the questionnaire. Make sure that you do not give all the information about the survey because you want objective answers from the respondents without them being influenced by any external factors. These points will help you answer these questions:

  • Give an introduction of yourself or your organisation at the beginning of the cover letter. By doing that you can explain the project briefly and the respondents know what subject they are answering about
  • Some questionnaires have a fixed objective where they want the people’s responses regarding a particular thing. But there can be some questionnaires which care created in order to do research and in such cases, one need not give a lot of information so that the answers remain spontaneous and no one tries to fit them according to the subject
  • The questionnaire cover letter must contain instructions which must be followed by the respondents in order to correctly answer the questions.
  • Also keep space in the letter where respondents can fill up their details before the actual questionnaire starts. Be respectful of their privacy and mention that their information will not be disclosed to anyone.
  • Sign off by thanking the people for taking out time to fill up your questionnaire.