How to write a Proposal Cover Letter

A proposal cover letter plays an important role in getting a proposal accepted or rejected as it is the first thing read by the concerned authorities. A proposal cover letter is like an introduction to the actually proposal which gives the reader an idea of what to expect from the proposal, what it is all about, the objectives and goals and how it shall be beneficial to the organisation or the company. Although the proposal will have all the extended details of the project, the proposal cover letter helps the reader to go through the basic information of the proposal within a short time. It must be formatted in a brief yet informative manner so that the reader gets to know about the proposal but also feels the need to read the whole proposal which follows. These tips can be considered before writing a proposal cover letter:

  • Address the receiver’s name properly and give his correct name, designation and address. Use the formal way of greeting him as this is an official letter.
  • State the subject clearly so that the reader knows what this letter is all about; you can give the name of the proposal or write a statement which gives the basic idea of the proposal
  • The body of the letter must constitute information about what you plan to achieve from the proposal and how will it help the organisation. A business proposal cover letter must highlight how the proposal will help to bring in profits for the company
  • Mention the time period or deadline by which you plan to complete the job and also give a description of the methodologies to be used for the project, as briefly as possible
  • Also mention the funds required for the project, especially of it is a proposal asking for funds.


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