How to write a Nurse Cover Letter

A nurse cover letter is written by a person interested in getting a job in the nursing sector. Like in any other job, a nurse can create a better impression if she submits a cover letter along with her resume by highlighting the skills required to be good nurse. A good cover letter thus sets the candidate apart from the rest and the employer remembers him or her. It gives a chance to the candidate to not only mention his skills but also to show how he will be able to help in the functioning of the hospital. While writing a nurse cover letter, the following points may be kept in mind:

  • Before you apply for a job, do proper research about the hospital or healthcare facility so that when you write the cover letter you not only know about the place you want to work but can also show a sense of familiarity about the workplace, the job duties and requirements, which makes the employer think that you are ready for the job
  • Mention the reasons why you are interested in working as a nurse in that hospital and describe briefly why you find this particular facility an attractive option.
  • A nurse cover letter gives you a chance to show how you can contribute towards the organisation and what are your skills and qualifications. Here you can also describe your previous experience if you have any and also what area of work you are interested in, like, working with children or the elderly and so on
  • Last but not the least, make sure you write the your and the hospital’s names correctly so that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Also add the date and the place of writing this cover letter. Respectfully sign off and thank the receiver for his time.


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