How to write a Marketing Cover Letter

A marketing cover letter is written by someone who wants to apply for a marketing job that improves his chances of creating an impression on the employer. A marketing professional is responsible for making strategies that will help him sell a company’s products or services. In a similar manner, he should be able to ‘sell’ himself to the employer by highlighting his skills and positive attributes in order to convince the employer to hire him. A good cover letter is thus an effective option to boost your image and helps one in securing a job in the marketing sector.

  • Sender’s and receiver’s details: Be very careful when you give the sender and receiver’s details and make sure you spell the name and designation correctly. Spelling and grammatical mistakes create a very bad impression and no matter how good your cover letter is, this will negatively affect your chances of getting the job
  • Date and place: Write down the date and place as this is a formal letter
  • Professional greetings: Use a formal way of addressing the receiver by saying “Dear Mr ____” or “Respected Sir/Ma’am” if you don’t know the name.
  • Subject: As this an official letter, write down the subject which will state why you are writing the letter
  • Body: The opening paragraph must be able to grab the attention of the reader. Do not give the same information which is there in your resume but show your creativity. Be professional and respectful while describing your previous achievements in marketing. In the following paragraphs you can highlight your skills and show why you are the right person for the job and how you plan to contribute towards the company
  • Signing off: Sign off the letter by thanking the receiver and display hope of a possible interview.