How to write a legal cover letter

A legal cover letter is a kind of a cover letter which is written when a person applies for a legal job position in a law firm or company. A legal cover letter is written by a person who has the suitable qualifications and is interested in a particular job opening. These cover letters are formally written letters which must follow proper format and must be framed with precision. This is because such letters play an important role in deciding whether or not the candidate will get the desired job.

Any legal cover letter must cover all the details about the candidate’s qualifications in a consolidated manner and hence it may not be an easy task to frame a perfect legal cover letter. While framing a legal cover letter, one must keep a few points in mind. If you are facing difficulty while framing your own legal cover letter, then the following given points will prove to be helpful:

  • The first thing to keep in mind is to keep the legal cover letter balanced.
  • The letter starts with the name, address and company name of the receiver of the letter on the top left corner.
  • The next thing that follows is the formal salutation and the subject of the letter which must have the exact legal job position to which the candidate is applying.
  • The main body of the letter can be divided between three paragraphs. The first paragraph must talk about the candidate in a brief and precise manner. This can be the general introduction.
  • The second paragraph is where the educational qualifications and skills of the candidate have to be mentioned in a detailed yet concise manner.
  • The last paragraph can have the details of the legal work experience followed by the ending note or thanking you note.